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Summer 1988

20 years ago this summer, when I was a grad  student at UVA, I was in my apartment in Charlottesville when I first heard this on the radio. I had never heard anything like it before.  It is one of the most important songs by which I remember that time.

Just in case you missed it...

There's a great community being featured in the LJ Spotlight, toon_memories. There's a lot of reminiscing going on over there. People are posting clips of their favorite classic cartoons from several decades, including the 80s, of course. You should check it out!

Sweep the Leg Johnny- Karate Kid Tribute

yemeron suggested that I post this here. This video just brought back memoires for me and other people from that time period. When I first watched it I didn’t realize that most of the original casts were in the video. Especially the guy that says, “Get him a body bag Johnny.”

The 80s favourite dragon: Falkor!

This is actually the third Falkor doll I've made.
He already sold but I do plan to make more in the future

80's Geekiness

I didn't live in the US at the time and had never heard of Pringles - but I just saw this on YouTube and found it rather amusing. Does anyone know what the 5 original flavors were?

Amd... LOOK! It's 80's video game geekdom! Did people really stay awake watching that show?

Yuppie Movies?

Remember the whole YUPPIE thing? I'm looking for movies that somehow reflect this. All I can think of right now is "Wall Street", "American Psycho" (not actually FROM the 80's) and maybe "The Secret Of My Success". Anyone got any other ideas?

orgasmic jimmy somerville + marc almond

the song is like an orgasm.

even though the video cracks me up these days. ;]
I guess I really was a tee vee baby because I honestly remembered this BEER COMMERCIAL as some sort of regular after-school message, like body break, but for teenagers. Sad huh! I think I was about 11 years old when it started airing in 1987 or 88. The song was played a lot on the radio too. Anyway for whatever reason, I loved it, but I still can't find the song. Does anyone else remember this?

30 Minutes of Cartoon Intros

If you've got a half an hour to kill, take a look at this. How many of these cartoons did you watch as a kid? How many are cringe-inducing?


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