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I feel so yucky. I'm exhausted and just weak. I'm tired of being so tired.

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Long Shift

It has been the longest night! We were so slow. Too slow. I was bored to tears! I hate that. Now I'm completely exhausted! Going to bed. Goodnight (good morning) !

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Does anyone remember this song?

One of those 80's songs I never hear, and many don't remeber.


Writer's Block: RIP Michael Jackson

In honor of the King of Pop: What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?
I'm still trying to process this. Michael was human just like we all are, but his talent and abilities (and his behavior) was so beyond human that it's hard to believe that he's actually gone. I have lots of favorites (Thriller, of course), but I'll only post two here.


Human Nature

What are some of your faves?
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Does anyone remember…

this song and the movie it came from?

Or the Mitch Gaylord the US Olympic who was big news in 1984.

Also the song is sung by the Duran Duran member who decided to go solo Andy Taylor.

Yes the movie was real bad and some say Andy Taylor’s music was, but I admit I do like it the song.

Help me, please?

Sometime in the later 80s(probably around '87 or so), I used to get this gum from a local store. It came in a shiny paper wrapper similar to the candy bar wrappers of the time. There were about six or eight gumballs inside, alternating in flavors of orange and grape. The gumballs had a rough texture on the outside, and inside there were wonderfully sour candy crystals. I used to love that gum.

The problem is, I can't remember what it was called. I've searched and Googled and asked and looked, but I can't even find so much as a reference to the fact that it existed. I know the chances of my being able to have some again are slim to none, but if anyone at least knows the name or has ANY information on them, I'd be eternally grateful.

I live in central Michigan, in case this was a regional thing.

Thanks in advance for any information!

80 Hours of the 80s

VH1 Classic is doing 80 Hours of the 80s for the Labor Day weekend. They're showing the videos in alphabetical order. I just stumbled onto it as I was flipping through stations. As of 12:18 am CDT, they were on the letter J. They're being pretty thorough. How do I know? I actually sat through this piece of shit. Click the link at your own risk. Everyone involved in the making of this song/video needs to be shot.

A popular band but ...

a song that has been forgotten by some. Actually I had a friend who never heard this song by Bon Jovi.

This was a song that was supposed to be on Slippery When Wet but never made the cut.

No original video for this but I found a great fan video.


Okay--here's the story-

For every occasion, I try to make my girlfriend a theme mix of love and love related songs. Her birthday's coming up and I'm trying to make her a mix of love songs exclusively from the 80s. Seeing as how I am a huge 80s music buff, however, this is not so simple--this has turned into a massive, potentially legendary mix. Unfortunately, I do not own much of my beloved 80s music on anything other than cassette tape (and I also had about 400 of my CDs stolen last year, so my library is considerably smaller than it once was).

Anyway, I've put together every 80s love song I can think of.

I am looking for two things:

1. Suggestions for more songs that I haven't heard of/may have forgotten, regardless of how shamelessly dated or cheesy and

2. if you have links to download any of the songs you suggest and/or any of the songs I have listed but do not have, it would be GREATLY appreciated as many of these songs are rare and unavailable to purchase as a single MP3 (meaning I would have to go out and buy all of the corresponding albums, which I certainly don't have the money for).

Here is a list of the songs I'm hoping to put on the mix:

THE LISTCollapse )

If you see a "/" that was just my way of saying "or"

if you see a question mark after a band name, it means I am unsure of what (if any) song to use from that band/artist

Anyway, in return, I will post the mix and any other 80s music I come across in my attempts to throw this thing together, including stuff from other communities and my own collection.

Thanks a million to anyone and everyone who's willing to help a guy get brownie points with the ladyfriend.

Songs that have been forgotten

I’ve been thinking about those 80’s bands that had a song or two which got very little air time on MTV or the radio. They were the bands that opened up for bigger bands and never were the headline act. Their songs are now hard to find and are rarely found on any compilations CD’s and they were not well known to have a greatest hits album. So I thought I would post some of these songs and ask that others do the same.

Helix – Deep cuts the knife


80s Nostalgia

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